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Intel acquiring gesture recognition start-up InVision Biometrics

News broke this morning (here, here) that Intel is about to acquire Israeli start-up company InVision Biometrics.  The company has developed 3D sensor technology that recognizes human movement, including gestures, and interprets them for a wide variety of applications.
The company's technology is based on, and apparently builds on, research by Professor Ron Kimmel at the Technion Institute of Technology.  Professor Kimmel has a number of patents in this and other areas, some owned by the Technion and some licensed to companies.

For Israel, dubbed the Start-Up Nation, this acquisition continues a number of trends.  It's Intel's second acquisition of an Israeli start-up company in October alone, having acquired Telmap at the beginning of the month.  Both acquisitions are interesting in that they move Intel into new areas that have been previously handled by software.  Grizzly Analytics predicts that Intel will acquire more start-ups in software areas that they can move to h…