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Apple and indoor location: It's about apps, not maps (SeekingAlpha article)

Almost a month has gone by since Apple's acquisition of WiFiSLAM, a start-up company with technology for indoor location positioning. Numerous articles have seen this acquisition as a means to beef up their failed Maps system. While this is undoubtedly true, I think it's only a small part of what Apple will do with WiFiSLAM's indoor location technology.

In short: It's about apps. Not just maps. Apple doesn't just want to improve its maps application, it wants to enable a new generation of apps that won't run, or will be harder to run, on Android and Windows Phone.

The rest of this article can be found here, on the SeekingAlpha site.

Grizzly Analytics in the media covering indoor location

The following recent news articles quote Grizzly Analytics on indoor location technology:
BBC: Technology that works behind closed doorsRetail Customer Experience: Indoor mapping gives power to retailersSeekingAlpha: Nokia Patent Portfolio An Untapped GoldmineGPS World:A Look at Small Indoor Location CompetitorsGPS Bites:The Latest Developments in Indoor Positioning and Indoor GPSTechnology Review:Startup Uses a Smartphone Compass to Track People IndoorsForbes:Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia And RIM To Battle Google Over Indoor Location MarketJPOST: 2012 Mobile Trends: Commerce, product ecosystems, location integration
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Indoor location - Now a report for site owners and managers

Grizzly Analytics has long been the leading analyst firm covering indoor location technologies.  Now we're making our expertise available to owners and managers of stores, malls, hospitals, museums, office complexes, exhibition centers, and more.

Below is the announcement for this new 210-page report.

Indoor Location Solutions: How you can deploy or integrate indoor location technology
If you own or manage a commercial site of any sort, you probably have a lot of questions about indoor location technology. Can it work in my site? Can it open up new business opportunities? Can it make my business run smoother? Can it bring me new customers? Can it add to my bottom line? And how can I make it work for me?
The answers to these questions and more are now available in a new easy-to-read report from Grizzly Analytics, experts in indoor location services.
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BBC article on indoor-related start-ups

Interesting article from BBC on two indoor-related start-ups:
"I think smartphones will need to have an approach that is independent of radio infrastructure and WiFi and things like that," Bruce Krulwich, Chief Analyst at Grizzly Analytics, told the BBC...  However, there is a potential for accumulative errors to creep in when using current indoor navigation technology, he added.... "Of the six or seven companies that have seriously invested in the approach, most have tried to incorporate some other type of system such as radio or maps in order to reduce the error they are getting."
Read the full article here.
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