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PLACE Conference in New York City in June

Grizzly Analytics founder Bruce Krulwich will be speaking and moderating a technology panel at the PLACE Conference in New York City, on June 9. Contact us at for a discount code for $200 off the registration price, or to schedule a face-to-face meeting before or after the conference.

PLACE is the premier conference for indoor location technologies, particularly their use in retail.

See you there!

MTI's Indoor Location Positioning Based on Ultrasonic Sound at MWC 2015

Every year I love going to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Besides the hands-on time with new phone models and new technologies, I like to meet with people from all over the world, both in start-up companies and at major companies, that are developing innovative new technologies.

A year ago I reported seeing indoor location positioning technology from a company in Japan called MTI, based on an innovative approach using ultrasonic sound. In a nutshell, MTI deploys small speaker units that transmit ultrasonic sound signatures, that people can't hear but that can be received on a smartphone's microphone. Each speaker unit, acting as a beacon, transmits a unique signal. The MTI application on a smartphone will receive a collection of those signals, from all the speaker units within range, along with volume levels for each signal that indicates how far away the speaker unit is from the phone. Given a database of locations of the speaker units, MTI's system uses multilat…