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More press articles on indoor location technologies quoting Grizzly Analytics

Indoor location technologies are definitely a hot topic these days!

Here are a few recent articles on the subject:

Apple iBeacon challengers multiply: A look at five rivals

Location-based mobile applications poised to take off

For all the details of indoor location technologies, profiling over 130 companies in the area, see the Grizzly Analytics 417-page report on indoor location positioning technologies.

Ultra-Wideband Poised to Enter Smartphones

Recent years have seen a constant increase in the speed at which software innovations reach market. One day’s new concept can be the next day’s innovative mobile application, the following day’s ten competing mobile applications, and the day after that’s built-in phone feature.
In hardware, however, innovation tends to go slower. Addition of new hardware chips or components to smartphones, for example, are a constant worry for smartphone manufacturers, who need to be 100% certain that the new innovation won’t in some way hurt the other functions and components of the phone.
Does adding a new chip affect in any way the electrical signals between the other chips? Does a new wireless component affect the radio waves of the core phone or wireless components? Do signals to or from a new antenna hurt the performance of other antennas in the device?
Early cellphones and smartphones often had concerns of this sort. Some early smartphones did not include vibrate-mode because the shaking int…