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Only one month until the 2017 Testbed!

The 2nd annual Grizzly Analytics Indoor Location Testbed, part of the 2017 GeoIoT World Conference, will be held one month from today, June 7 and 8, in Brussels.
This is the ONLY testbed in the indoor location industry that evaluates solutions by more than a half dozen metrics. Other "contests" relate only to real-time accuracy, which doesn't reflect the many real-world considerations that venue owners have in selecting indoor location solutions. Our testbed evaluates real-time accuracy, stabilized accuracy, consistency, latency, set-up time in person-hours and total hours, proximity detection accuracy and time, indoor/outdoor integration, floor change detection, and more.

Want your solution to be validated in the metrics in which it shines? Whatever makes your solution unique, our testbed can measure it and validate your performance. Click here to download the specifications and register.

Want to see how a wide variety of solutions perform in these many metrics? Attend the…