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Facebook Investors: Stop Whining And Be Patient For Profit (SeekingAlpha)

Here is an excerpt of my recent article in SeekingAlpha:

Facebook Investors: Stop Whining And Be Patient For Profit

Amid all the articles analyzing the Facebook (FB) IPO, with all the very legitimate concerns about lack of disclosure by underwriters or procedural errors by the market on the day of the IPO, seems to be a core belief that investors who bought stock on the day of the IPO deserve to have profited.


Without taking away from the seriousness of the disclosure or procedural problems, I'd like to remind everyone of two things.

First point: Until the day of the IPO, the only people that truly deserve to profit are the founders, employees, and early investors.


Second point: Facebook's prospects for the future haven't changed one iota.


Interview in GPS BITES discussing indoor location

Click here to see an interview in GPS BITES with the Grizzly Analytics Chief Analyst, on the subject of indoor location technologies.  Here's an excerpt:

2. Without giving too much away, as the bulk of the detail is in your new report, could you give us some brief pointers as to what your top-line predictions for indoor GPS and positioning are for the next couple of years?In a nutshell, smartphones will be increasingly able to run location services indoors. This will include general apps like Google Maps and Bing Maps, but also things like Facebook and FourSquare checking-in to the particular coffee shop you’re sitting in, and GroupOn offering you deals for the store you’re walking by when you’re in a mall. It will also include stores releasing their own apps that let you find products on the shelves, navigate to items on your shopping list, and get coupons for things you’re walking by.  And it’s not just stores and malls. It’s also getting information about paintings when you’r…

Indoor Location growing and gaining speed

Indoor location is like a snowball rolling down a hill - it just keeps growing and gaining speed.

In our newly updated report, we show that there are over 30 start-up companies in the area, and all the major chip makers are working in the area as well.  That's in addition to active research by all the major mobile companies (Samsung, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Nokia, RIM, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, ...).

In the middle of 2011 Grizzly Analytics observed that almost all the start-up companies in the area were basing their technology on Wi-Fi fingerprinting, and that we were surprised by the lack of start-ups  taking other technical approaches such as motion sensing by sensor integration. We reported lots of research in motion sensing by the major mobile companies, but not start-ups.

Now, less than a year later, our updated report includes nine start-ups working on using sensors to track movement indoors. (See one demo video video here.)   At least eight start-ups are working on signal …

Updated 156-page report on Indoor Location Positioning

Indoor Location Positioning: 
Research Pipelines, Start-ups and Predictions
Updated May 14, 2012
In December, 2011, Grizzly Analytics released the most comprehensive report available at the time on indoor location positioning technology.  The report analyzed research initiatives by all the major players in the mobile industry, and over a dozen start-up companies, and predicted that indoor location services were ready to revolutionize the mobile market. The past five months have shown how true this was, with new indoor location initiatives announced on a regular basis, and indoor location a strong theme at the CTIA and MWC conferences.
In this fully revised and updated 156-page report, Grizzly Analytics gives an up-to-date analysis and comprehensive overview of indoor location positioning R&D.  Read about the research activity of all the major mobile companies – Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Apple, Nokia, RIM, Cisco, Qualcomm, Broadcom, STMicroElectronics, Sony Ericsson & others – a…