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Decawave Investment Signals a Future of Location-Aware Electronics

Decawave announced recently a $30 Million investment, marking a huge push forward for location-based Internet of Things (IoT) products and solutions. The investment also underscores the growing strength of China in the manufacturing of location-aware electronics. Decawave is a leading producer of chips and hardware components for ultra-wideband (UWB) radio, which is used for high accuracy localization of devices and tags, mainly in indoor settings. Decawave’s customers use Decawave chips to make a large variety of location-aware electronics. These electronic devices and appliances, including robots, drones, robotic cameras, shopping carts and more, use Decawave’s chips to measure their own locations as they move around indoor sites where GPS signals are not available. Of the roughly 200 companies in the indoor location market, very few are selling localization technology in chip form that can be incorporated into electronic appliances. Most of the indoor location market is focused on …