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When will Smart Homes get Smarter?

Also published on LinkedIn:
It’s a scant few weeks since a wide variety of visions of #BigIdeas2015 - big ideas for 2015 - were making the rounds, including my own vision of universal indoor location. One area that I didn’t see in any of the #BigIdeas2015 articles is Smart Homes, despite their getting a lot of attention at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and other venues. With so many companies working on Smart Homes, why isn’t it a big idea for this year?
I suggest that there needs to be more to Smart Homes than connected appliances. The original concept of Smart Homes involved homes that would adjust themselves automatically as people walked around.
The concept of smart homes was discussed almost 20 years ago, before the smartphone era, when Bill Gates made his famous home that customized itself to where people were in the house. Digital picture frames displayed different paintings depending on who was viewing them, and other controllers adjusted room temperature, music and lightin…