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Our Indoor Location report discussed by Forbes

Grizzly Analytics's report on Indoor Location Positioning technology was just written up by Forbes in a great article (here)  summarizing the area and the R&D we found by major companies.  A similar article also appeared in Canada's Globe and Mail (here).

Our Indoor Location report, which was already being sold by several research report resellers, is now also available at ResearchAndMarkets - click here.  And here's the press release they wrote about the report.

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Indoor Location report now at a report reseller near you

Many people prefer to buy research reports from resellers that they have a relationship with.  Grizzly Analytics is happy to tell you that our latest technology trend analysis report, Indoor Location Positioning: Research Pipelines, Start-ups and Predictions for 2012, is available at the following resellers:

GII - and H - - - - you have another reseller you prefer to work with, let us know and we'll be happy to work through them as well.

Indoor Location Technology: New 104-page report

Indoor Location Positioning: Revolutionizing Smartphone Usage in 2012
Research Pipelines, Start-ups and Predictions for 2012
The major players in mobile – Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Apple, RIM, Nokia, Sony Ericsson & others – are actively developing new location technologies that will work indoors. These technologies will revolutionize smartphone usage by enabling mapping, navigation, local search, check-ins, location-sharing and other location-based services to work indoors in malls, megastores, offices, airports and other big indoor places.Indoor location will also transform commerce, enabling searching for items on store shelves, sending deals & promotions to nearby customers, advertisements for nearby stores, and more.
In its latest technology trend report, Indoor Location Positioning: Research Pipelines, Start-ups and Predictions for 2012, Grizzly Analytics answers the questions you have about this new technology. What approaches are being researched by different companie…

An ace up Google's sleeve in Bluetooth-based Indoor Positioning?

Everyone's talking these days about Google's new indoor mapping, which they say will track a cellphone's location as a person walks around a mall or airport.  This would obviously be a huge breakthrough, now that everyone's gotten used to using cellphones for navigation and location services, and would naturally like to keep doing so while walking around a mall.

Nokia just counter-attacked with an update on their own indoor navigation research, which uses Bluetooth-based "beacons" to improve indoor positioning.  Of course, this research isn't new, it's a continuation of work at Nokia that dates back several years.  But the new announcement places this new capability in the context of new Windows-based smartphones.
Of course, there are dozens of companies working on indoor positioning.  Grizzly Analytics reported many of these in our report on next-generation location services, and we'll soon have an updated report out on indoor location positioning …

Grizzly Analytics discounts subscription service for the new year

Grizzly Analytics Mobile Monthly Intelligence Subscription Service: Discounted for the New Year December 1, 2011
Subscribers to Grizzly Analytics mobile intelligence service receive monthly reports and weekly updates that analyze the developing trends in the mobile industry and explain how they matter to you and what is likely to happen next.Grizzly Analytics is now lowering our price for yearly subscriptions, as companies prepare for the New Year.
Everyone in the mobile and Internet industries knew in August that Google acquired DealMap.Grizzly Analytics subscribers knew that this acquisition is part of a bigger trend of “daily deals” services incorporating mobile location, and that there were several other acquisitions and service launches in the same month comprising the same trend.They also learned about related R&D by EBay, Microsoft and others, and read our analysis of how this trend impacts on commerce and the financial markets.
Similarly, everyone in the mobile ind…

Grizzly Analytics reports carried by more research resellers

Do you have a relationship with a local research report reseller? You can still get Grizzly Analytics latest reports!  Here's a list of our reports availability at major research resellers. If you want to work with a different reseller in your area, e-mail us and we'll arrange to work through your reseller as well.

REPORT: Location-Based Reminders:
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REPORT: Mobile Location-Based Services 2012-2015:
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REPORT: Nokia Research in NanoTechnology for Mobile: