Grizzly Analytics discounts subscription service for the new year

Grizzly Analytics Mobile Monthly Intelligence Subscription Service:
Discounted for the New Year
December 1, 2011

Subscribers to Grizzly Analytics mobile intelligence service receive monthly reports and weekly updates that analyze the developing trends in the mobile industry and explain how they matter to you and what is likely to happen next.  Grizzly Analytics is now lowering our price for yearly subscriptions, as companies prepare for the New Year.

Everyone in the mobile and Internet industries knew in August that Google acquired DealMap.  Grizzly Analytics subscribers knew that this acquisition is part of a bigger trend of “daily deals” services incorporating mobile location, and that there were several other acquisitions and service launches in the same month comprising the same trend.  They also learned about related R&D by EBay, Microsoft and others, and read our analysis of how this trend impacts on commerce and the financial markets.

Similarly, everyone in the mobile industry knows that indoor location positioning is a big missing technology capability in mobile commerce and services.  Grizzly Analytics subscribers learned in August of a big research initiative in indoor location positioning by Qualcomm, and how it compares to related R&D by Sony Ericsson, Samsung and others.  They also read our analysis of the huge implications this will have for commerce.

Each month, Grizzly Analytics subscribers receive a report of roughly 50 pages analyzing 3-4 major trends developing in the previous month.  In addition to the trends themselves, we outline implications that they have on business and the financial markets (public companies, potential acquisitions).  Each week, Grizzly Analytics subscribers receive a brief easy-to-read “Monday morning update” e-mail giving the implications and preliminary analysis of the developments of the previous week.  And each month, Grizzly Analytics subscribers get a one hour phone call with our analyst to discuss how mobile industry trends affect them directly.

We also are pleased to offer our reports translated into other languages, for a small additional price.

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About Grizzly Analytics:

Grizzly Analytics Mobile Industry reports provide information and analysis on industry developments, trends and implications. Grizzly Analytics’ reports present analysis that, although speculative in nature, is based upon decades of industry and technology experience.

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