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Cellphone projectors at MWC - Prediction comes true and looks great!

For someone who makes a lot of predictions, it's great to see them coming true.  That's how I felt at the MWC conference today seeing cellphone pico-projectors reaching market. Cellphone pico-projectors were my #1 prediction in my pre-MWC prediction post.

So what pico-projectors have we seen at MWC?  Samsung launching an incredible-looking Galaxy Beam, STMicroElectronics showing the fruits of their partnership with BTendo, and a start-up called Aiptek showing two new products for iPhones and soon for Android phones, one of which uses a Texas Instruments projection component.
The first is the biggest news because it's hitting market soon - the Samsung Galaxy Beam.  The Beam feels great and seems to work well, given that Samsung is demo'ing the Beam in a dark room.  The projector spec's are impressive although not perfect - QHD resolution produces good images of both stills and video, and 3 hours of battery life while projecting is great.  The phone can project scree…

Predicting the WOW at MWC 2012

All the mobile blogs have recently run articles about what to expect at MWC 2012.  They've all said roughly the same thing: New handsets from HTC, new handsets from Nokia, new handsets from LG, a new tablet from Samsung, and lots of other new phones and tablets.  Quad-core, tablets, low-end and high-end.

Unfortunately none of these articles answered the big question:  What will make someone say WOW! at MWC this year?

Here are a few speculations of things that Grizzly Analytics is predicting and hoping to see.

1.  Cellphone pico-projectors: As we wrote in August, this is a new hardware feature that most people discuss for business users, but we think is coming soon for media consumption as well.  Who wouldn't rather watch a movie on the wall instead of on a 4" screen?  The more we do on our mobiles, the more a projector would be useful and fun.  Companies that have worked in the area include Apple, Samsung, LG, STMicroElectronics (MWC hall 7), Texas Instruments (MWC hall 8)…

More indoor mapping & positioning from Google ByteLight & others

Google came out with a new video showing their indoor mapping and positioning in action in a mall:

The whole area of indoor mapping and positioning is growing day by day.  Lots of people are talking about a new company called ByteLight, who are addressing indoor location using special LED lights:

Do you know which three major world-wide cellphone companies are also working on indoor location positioning using modulated light or LEDs in rooms?  Or which companies are researching indoor positioning based on cellular signals, Wi-Fi signals, sensor-based motion sensing, and other approaches?  If you want to know this and more, check out our report on indoor location positioning technology currently in research.

Or which companies are working with malls and stores to deploy indoor positioning on-site?  Check our report on indoor location services, written for site owners and managers and others who want to know how indoor location can be deployed today.

Whatever your level of interest, kee…

Indoor Location Services: What Retail Managers, CTOs and Site Owners Need to Know and Do NOW

Indoor Location Services: What Retail Managers, CTOs and Site Owners Need to Know and Do NOW
Mobile indoor location services are reaching market, both in cellphone systems from Google and Microsoft and in custom apps for malls, airports, stores, and other sites, and will spread before the end of 2012.Whoever doesn’t prepare now for this new technology will soon find that their competitors have.
A lot of recent attention has gone to location services moving indoors, including Google Maps showing your location indoors and Microsoft’s Bing Maps displaying indoor maps. Over the next 3-4 years indoor maps will become as prevalent on cellphones as outdoor maps are today.
Already NOW you can give your customers or employees a mobile application with location services in your site, based on platforms recently launched by several companies world-wide.This new report from Grizzly Analytics, Indoor Location Services: What Retail Managers, CTOs and Site Owners Need to Know and Do NOW explains indoor…