More indoor mapping & positioning from Google ByteLight & others

Google came out with a new video showing their indoor mapping and positioning in action in a mall:

The whole area of indoor mapping and positioning is growing day by day.  Lots of people are talking about a new company called ByteLight, who are addressing indoor location using special LED lights:

Do you know which three major world-wide cellphone companies are also working on indoor location positioning using modulated light or LEDs in rooms?  Or which companies are researching indoor positioning based on cellular signals, Wi-Fi signals, sensor-based motion sensing, and other approaches?  If you want to know this and more, check out our report on indoor location positioning technology currently in research.

Or which companies are working with malls and stores to deploy indoor positioning on-site?  Check our report on indoor location services, written for site owners and managers and others who want to know how indoor location can be deployed today.

Whatever your level of interest, keep an eye on indoor location, it's an area that's starting to explode!

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  1. Good to have global positioning system in your home in order to track places where do you want to go. And better to have GPS also in your car for navigation purposes.