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Intel finally acquires a gesture recognition start-up - Omek Interactive

News broke a few weeks ago that Intel acquired Israeli gesture-recognition start-up Omek Interactive.  Omek's technology does gesture recognition based on 3rd-party 3D cameras.

Grizzly Analytics wrote almost 2 years ago that Omek was a likely acquisition target. Ironically, we wrote it then in the context of Intel's rumored acquisition of another Israeli gesture recognition company InVision BioMetrics, an acquisition that fell through. We're glad to see that Intel finally found the gesture start-up they want.

Intel's interest in gesture recognition is not new.  Besides considering a gesture recognition acquisition almost 2 years ago, they released the video clip below over a year ago, announced a 3D camera recently, and have been researching gesture recognition themselves for years.

Their competitors have also been getting into gesture recognition: Qualcomm acquired GestureTek 2 years ago, Apple is rumored to be in acquisition talks with Primesense (another Israeli sta…

Indoor Location Tech co YFIND acquired by Ruckus Wireless

Reports (1, 2, 3) are saying that Singapore-based YFind was acquired by Silicon Valley-based Ruckus Wireless.

YFind, profiled in our report on indoor location positioning technologies, delivers location positioning for WiFi-enabled smartphones, along with user movement analytics for site owners.

YFind's core technology positions phones using Wi-Fi fingerprinting running on the smartphones, so it has trouble running on iPhones, because of the well-known iOS problem delivering received signal strength data to applications. But many are speculating that Ruckus Wireless will incorporate YFind's positioning into its Wi-Fi access points, to track locations of any Wi-Fi enabled phone within range.  (We explained the difference between positioning running on phones and in the network in this previous blog article.)

YFind's positioning uses more sophisticated Wi-Fi fingerprinting than many others, with probabilistic methods for handling areas between fingerprints and periodic fluctu…

Internet of Things: 140 pages of R&D details - NEW REPORT

New Report: Internet of Things: How the Vision is being Researched, Developed & Productized
The vision of the “Internet of Things,” in which Internet connectivity is extended to huge numbers of “things” in the real world, promises to transform our ability to process information about the real world and interact with real-world objects electronically. This dream has captured the world’s attention, with new developments and media articles daily.
But what is really being researched and developed? Are the implementations that are soon to reach market truly achieving the vision? What major companies are working on it?  Who is bringing it to market? What exactly is each company researching?
In this new 135-page report, Grizzly Analytics analyzes and reports the research in progress at major technology companies, including Google, Microsoft, Apple, Nokia, ZTE, Qualcomm, Intel, Cisco, General Electric, IBM and others. The report additionally profiles over twenty start-up companies bringing I…