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Why I'm Buying the OnePlus Five

Every iPhone release is followed quickly by a rage of articles by iFans who are sure it will be the best thing ever and iCynics who disagree. The number of articles by fans of other devices or device-makers pales by comparison. So I decided to write an article on why I'm excited by the just-announced OnePlus Five. I rarely buy a new device before my old one dies. Not that I don't want to - I've seen all the new models at the Mobile World Congress most years, and love gadgets, but I rarely find it worth jumping to a new device, reinstalling all my apps and getting it just as I like it, just for minor improvements that don't change my experience much. So why do I want the OnePlus Five when my current OnePlus Two works perfectly well? In honor of the OnePlus Five, I'm giving five reasons. Reason one: RAM rules I bought the OnePlus Two because it had 4gig of RAM when none of the other top phones did. In fact, it took the market leaders over a year to catch up. I am con…

2017 Indoor Location Testbed - report now available!

The second Indoor Location Testbed, run by Grizzly Analytics at GeoIot World 2017, confirms for the second year that indoor location solutions are beating the previously established industry norms in all metrics of performance. Solutions evaluated this year achieved below 2 meter accuracy, in smartphone and in tag tracking, both with BLE beacons and infrastructure-free. Solutions deployed in under one hour setup. Solutions detected floor changes and maintained positioning accuracy while moving on stairs. Solutions achieved fast first location fixes within seconds of starting. All of these were evaluated and confirmed by our testbed staff, as detailed in this report. The 2017 testbed evaluated five solutions: One based on BLE tags, four on smartphones. One smartphone solution runs infrastructure-free, one incorporates camera-based image processing, and two blend BLE beacons with motion sensing. This Indoor Location Testbed is the only such testbed to evaluate a wide range of metrics. W…