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Logging cellphone locations - the real purpose

When researching next-generation location technologies for our report Mobile Location-Based Services 2012-2015, we looked a lot at the location logging scandal that got a lot of attention in April.  It's clear that most smartphone platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, log the locations of Wi-Fi networks and cellular cells that the phones detect.  This data is then used to provide location services when GPS is turned off or unavailable.

What we found, however, is that many companies are researching other uses for location logs as well.  The biggest use is user profiling, whereby the places a user goes can be used to develop a profile of the user's activities.  This profile is used to personalize services and target promotions and advertisements.

That Google is doing this wasn't a surprise.  Microsoft has also been researching this for a long time, using location logs and other data to learn about "life patterns" and "user activities, goals, a…

NEW REPORT: Mobile Location-Based Services 2012-2015

Mobile Location-based Services, 2012-2015: From Standalone Apps to Integrated Features
The major players –Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, RIM, Nokia, Palm, Motorola & others – are actively developing new location technologies that will revolutionize smartphone usage, including standard features such as mobile navigation, search and social networking.When these applications come to market, consumers, mobile advertisers and enterprises will have significantly more power, literally in the palm of their hands.
In its latest market and technology trend report, Mobile Location-based Services, 2012-2015: From Standalone Apps to Integrated Features, Grizzly Analytics reviews the current R&D trends among the major companies, as well as note-worthy start-ups, analyzes the implications of these technologies and forecasts whose products are most likely to make it to market.
The 155 page report delves into 12 different aspects of the mobile, location-based technology sector,…

Grizzly Analytics blog

Welcome to the Grizzly Analytics blog!

Our subscribers get a monthly in-depth trend analysis report, a weekly Monday Morning Update e-mail giving perspectives on the week's events, and a once-a-month phone call with a Grizzly Analytics analyst. We also sell special reports analyzing individual trends in-depth.

What kinds of trends do we look at?  They're things you've never seen, but will soon: Location-based song playlists, indoor positioning (where today's GPS doesn't work), flexible and stretchable cellphones made with NanoTechnology, apps that run on simple phones (not smartphones), NFC-equipped phones that read information from tags in stores, and much more.

Here are just a few things we expect to see happening soon:

RIM will launch its e-mail messenger service on other companies phones.Google will buy biNu or another company in simple-phone applications.Nokia will launch a business-user phone with a built-in pico-projector.
Check back on this blog for more, a…