NEW REPORT: Mobile Location-Based Services 2012-2015

Mobile Location-based Services, 2012-2015:
From Standalone Apps to Integrated Features

The major players Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, RIM, Nokia, Palm, Motorola & others – are actively developing new location technologies that will revolutionize smartphone usage, including standard features such as mobile navigation, search and social networking.  When these applications come to market, consumers, mobile advertisers and enterprises will have significantly more power, literally in the palm of their hands. 

In its latest market and technology trend report, Mobile Location-based Services, 2012-2015: From Standalone Apps to Integrated Features, Grizzly Analytics reviews the current R&D trends among the major companies, as well as note-worthy start-ups, analyzes the implications of these technologies and forecasts whose products are most likely to make it to market.

The 155 page report delves into 12 different aspects of the mobile, location-based technology sector, including:

·         Stand-alone mobile location-based services of today
·         Local business search  
·         Integrating location more deeply into services & functions
·         Locations in core cellphone functions (contacts, calendar, …)
·         Integrating navigation with social networking, local search & more
·         Location-based tasks and reminders
·         Location based media selection
·         Location-based phone personalization
·         User location logging: Building location databases
·         User location tracking: Learning user profiles
·         Generating traffic reports from phone locations and movement
·         Indoor navigation and positioning

Grizzly Analytics’ in-depth analysis provides equipment manufacturers, tech companies, investors and enterprises critical industry intelligence that identifies:
·         product/service differentiators
·         what the competition is doing
·         possible strategic partnerships
·         likely acquisition targets
·         market expectations
·         game-changing apps
·         open opportunities
·         and much more.

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