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Intel's IoT demos at CES show the importance of location in IoT

Summary Intel has focused very strongly recently on the Internet of Things and wearable markets. In their showcase at the recent Consumer Electronics Show, they showcased several applications of IoT that involved location tracking. Their incorporation of chip-based location tracking technology shows the significance of location tracking in the nascent Internet of Things and wearable markets. It was just announced that Intel's air-band demo used wireless location tracking chips from Dublin-based DecaWave. DecaWave sells chips and embeddable components based on Ultra-Wideband (UWB) radio that can track chip locations to within 10cm. More important than accuracy is the speed of update - the DecaWave chips update location calculations between 125 times per second and 2000 times per second, depending on the configuration....

See the full article here at SeekingAlpha.

Location Aware Consumer Electronics at CES 2016

One of the most exciting new trends in consumer electronics is taking a page out of a mobile industry playbook: indoor location technologies.

GPS has transformed mobile applications, with wide varieties of apps incorporating location into social networking, store finding, media sharing, news, and much more. Newer technologies, most famously Bluetooth beacons, have started to enable location apps to determine locations indoors.

What does this have to do with consumer electronics?

The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) includes several innovative consumer electronics devices that use indoor location positioning technology to deliver incredible functionality to their users. Many of them are doing so using innovative chip-based indoor location technologies, delivering better accuracy than is available on mobile. As the products you can see at CES reach market, the new trend of location-aware electronics can transform how people use electronic devices, as surely as GPS has transformed mobil…