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Our subscribers get a monthly in-depth trend analysis report, a weekly Monday Morning Update e-mail giving perspectives on the week's events, and a once-a-month phone call with a Grizzly Analytics analyst. We also sell special reports analyzing individual trends in-depth.

What kinds of trends do we look at?  They're things you've never seen, but will soon: Location-based song playlists, indoor positioning (where today's GPS doesn't work), flexible and stretchable cellphones made with NanoTechnology, apps that run on simple phones (not smartphones), NFC-equipped phones that read information from tags in stores, and much more.

Here are just a few things we expect to see happening soon:

  • RIM will launch its e-mail messenger service on other companies phones.
  • Google will buy biNu or another company in simple-phone applications.
  • Nokia will launch a business-user phone with a built-in pico-projector.

Check back on this blog for more, and if you really want to know the trends before they emerge, check out the Grizzly Analytics trend report service.

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