More from MWC: Innovative indoor location from Senion Lab

Grizzly Analytics loves indoor location positioning. We've analyzed the technology research in progress and we've analyzed the services that stores and malls can deploy now. We loved seeing indoor location demos at MWC (like this one).

One of the more innovative approaches to indoor positioning uses phone sensors to track the phone's motion inside. The idea is to combine signals from a gyroscope, a compass and an accelerometer to track the direction in whcih the phone is moving and how fast it's moving.

One start-up company currently commercializing this approach is Senion Lab, based in Sweden.  I met with Senion Lab at MWC, and their demo managed to track our location fairly well as we walked around the booths.

This area has been researched in the past by Microsoft, Samsung, Qualcomm, CSR, Motorola, RIM and others, but is only now appearing in start-ups. Among smaller companies, besides Senion Lab, it's being worked on by Matrix Product Development, Trimble, Footpath, and a few start-ups still in stealth.

See the video below to see Senion Lab's technology in action:

To learn more about indoor location technology, see our reports on indoor location technology research and indoor location services.  Or contact us to discuss indoor location technology, how to use it, or how new technology compares to what's on the market.


  1. It looks quite reasonable solution comparing to existing indoor positioning tech which is only enabled in beacons. But we know that the barrier always lays on how to make business profit chain on this industry. BTW, it looks have enough worthy in technical view.

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