Consulting on indoor location technologies

Grizzly Analytics was the first mobile industry analysis firm to focus on indoor location technologies. We first reported on them in May 2011 and released our first dedicated report on the area in December 2011. Our latest revised report covers R&D by over 20 major mobile companies and over 30 start-ups.

The reason that we were first in the area is that we focus on R&D in progress at major technology vendors and start-up companies, rather than focusing on technology already in the market.  Our Chief Analyst is a Computer Science PhD, not an MBA.  Our reports review over a hundred patent filings and dozens of research reports and presentations.  We've spoken directly to dozens of start-up companies in the area, and seen a lot of their technology with our own eyes (such as here and here). We've been quoted in numerous articles on the subject of indoor location, such as here and here.

Besides selling reports to technology vendors and other major companies world-wide, we're offering consulting services to an increasing number of companies who need to understand this new area. Which technology fits your specific needs? Which company would be best for you to partner with? Which system should you deploy at your site? Which technology can best integrate with yours? We've answered these and other questions for many of our consulting customers.

Find out more about the consulting we can offer you by e-mailing us at or calling us at +1-908-827-1580.


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