GeoFencing: 137 pages of R&D details - NEW REPORT

Enabling Location-Based Reminders, Ads, Promotions, Proactive Apps, Security & More

GeoFencing technology enables an action to be taken when a device enters or leaves a specific geographical area.  GeoFencing is emerging as a key technology enabler for a new generation of mobile applications, services and business models.  While the word GeoFencing has not yet entered common usage, it has been researched for years by all the major mobile companies, and a wide range of GeoFencing applications are reaching market. 

GeoFencing is poised to revolutionize smartphone applications and services. Applications become proactive, running automatically when nearing a relevant location, and targeting their services to the user and to the location.

Are you a smartphone calendar and to-do list user?  GeoFencing will alert you as you pass a store that sells the milk you need. Are you a retailer? GeoFencing will run your store’s app automatically as the user is passing by a store branch, with an appropriate promotion or suggestion.  Are you an advertiser?  GeoFencing will send you advertisement to people walking by your businesses.  Are you a social network user?  GeoFencing will alert you of nearby places your friends have LIKEd and let you leave messages for friends passing by the same place later.  Are you a parent?  GeoFencing will notify you if your child nears a dangerous neighborhood.  Are you an office worker?  GeoFencing will notify you when walking by the desk of a person you need to talk to, based on your workflow system to-do list.  Are you a corporate manger?  GeoFencing will protect your vehicles and other assets. These are only a small number of the myriad of applications and services that GeoFencing enables.

But GeoFencing has a number of technical hurdles ahead.  How can a device monitor when it enters a GeoFence without draining all its battery running GPS?  How can a device know when it is five minutes away from a target location, when the user might be speeding or might be stuck in traffic?  How can a device monitor GeoFences in areas where GPS coverage is bad?  

In this 137-page report, Grizzly Analytics analyzes and reports all the ongoing research on GeoFencing, including technology research overcoming the hurdles listed above, and including dozens of applications and services.  Read about the research activity of all the major mobile companies Google, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Qualcomm, EBay, IBM & others – and also 3rd-party applications and individual patent holders. 

In this technology trend report, GeoFencing: Enabling Location-Based Reminders, Ads, Promotions, Proactive Apps, Security & More, Grizzly Analytics answers the questions you have about this new technology. Which mobile operating systems are offering GeoFencing capabilities to app developers now?  Which mobile companies are working to advance the next generation of GeoFencing?  How can GeoFencing be made to run more efficiently? How can GeoFences be defined more flexibly and powerfully than simply a circle on a map? And what can be done with GeoFencing that will revolutionize a wide range of industries?

This 137-page report gives details of dozens of GeoFencing R&D projects at major mobile companies.  It is a must-read for:

Ø      Mobile industry technologists to know what their competitors are working on
Ø      Software professionals to learn how GeoFencing will transform how apps are used
Ø      Mobile app developers to know what’s coming and what they can work on now
Ø      Retailers and small businesses to know what’s next in mobile apps, promotions and advertising
Ø      Big companies to see how GeoFencing enables asset management, tracking and security
Ø      Big office managers to learn how to leverage GeoFencing for office efficiency

and anyone else who needs to track this exciting new technology.

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