268-page fully updated report on indoor location positioning technology

In December, 2011, Grizzly Analytics released our first comprehensive report on indoor location positioning technology, predicting that indoor location technologies were going to revolutionize the mobile industry.  In our updated report in May, 2012, we predicted that indoor location technologies were poised to reach market.  Now, in March, 2013, we see how true these predictions have been.  Indoor location technology is nearing its tipping point, with new announcements in mass-market and location-specific solutions coming out on a daily basis.

In this fully revisedand updated 268-page report, Grizzly Analytics gives an up-to-date analysis and comprehensive overview of indoor location positioning R&D.  Read about the research activity of all the major mobile companies – Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Apple, Nokia, RIM, Sony Ericsson, Motorola & others – the major chip and network makers - Cisco, Qualcomm, Broadcom, STMicroElectronics, CSR, Aruba & others - other major technology vendors, and also over fifty start-up companies that are actively bringing indoor location services to market.

This updated report also explains the newest trends in the industry. Why are companies integrating multiple methods of indoor positioning instead of focusing on one? In what way is Apple limiting indoor location technology on iPhones, and how are start-ups working around this? Which companies are moving to network-centric approaches?

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