New report on Chip-Based Indoor Location Positioning Technologies

Grizzly Analytics just released its latest report, on Chip-Based Indoor Location Positioning Technologies. This niche-area report analyzes tech from 19 companies.

Why is chip-based indoor location technology interesting? Aren't the algorithms the same as those implemented in software?

First, chip-based location tracking can be incorporated into electronic devices, such as Internet of Things devices, Wearables, Smart Home devices, robots, drones, toys, and more. These devices don't have mobile operating systems to run apps, but they can do incredibly cool things if they can track locations accurately. New chips profiled in this report are delivering location positioning in a way that can be implemented effectively in devices - accurate, low power, small chips, easy integration, and more.

Second, some of the chips profiled are next generations of chips already in the market, either GPS chips, Wi-Fi chips or sensor analysis chips. If previous generations of these chips are already incorporated in today's smartphones, then the new generations of these chips, with indoor positioning capabilities, are slated to be incorporated into 2016's smartphones. This means that the chips profiled here are poised to bring indoor location to smartphones, soon.

Third, chips can often perform indoor location positioning more effectively, closer to the sensors or radios, without waiting for application processors to get around to running an app. Many of the chips profiled have a refresh rate of hundreds of times per second, much better than smartphone software can usually do.

If you want to know more, check out the report, or contact us at for more information.

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