RIM - Strong contender in next-generation location technologies?

Following on to our previous post about RIM, one of the surprises we found when researching next-generation mobile location technologies was RIM's research in the area.

After all, RIM is known for secure communication and enterprise messaging and device security. If most people would guess what they're working on for the future, few would think of location technologies.

What we found is that RIM is doing interesting research in areas like indoor positioning, building databases of Wi-Fi networks, and analyzing traffic patterns and sending warnings of upcoming traffic jams.  The traffic jam research appears fairly recent, but the indoor positioning research has been going on for a while and appears fairly advanced.

For all the details, see Grizzly Analytics report on Mobile Location-Based Services 2012-2015. If you can wait until they bring it to market....

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  1. I think RIM are doing a wonderful job with securing the info in our BB's and while using apps such as BBM. It's interesting to see the analytics as a fan of their treatment to costumers all around the world.