Cisco starts off acquisitions of indoor location start-ups

Cisco has just acquired Ireland-based Thinksmart Technologies, creators of location analytics technology that will complement Cisco's Wi-Fi network services and solutions.  This is the first acquisition in the huge and growing area of indoor location technologies.

Grizzly Analytics reports have analyzed research in indoor location technology from all the major mobile companies and over 30 start-up companies.  We believe strongly that more acquisitions in this area are coming soon.

Some of these start-ups have network-level technology that will be of interest to Cisco's competitors, such as Aruba, Meraki, and others. These start-ups include Meridian, Navizon and soon others that have this type of technology in ongoing development.

Other start-ups have motion sensing technology (a.k.a. sensor fusion) that will be of interest to phone makers and OS makers like Google, Apple and Microsoft, as well as chip makers such as Qualcomm, CSR, TI and others. These start-ups include SenionLab and Loctronix. (See our video of SenionLab's technology here.)

Want to learn more about these companies, their technologies, and their prospects?  Grizzly Analytics reports give you details of over 30 start-ups in the area, along with details of R&D in progress at all the major mobile companies.  Or you can contact us with any specific questions you may have.

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