Inertial navigation (sensor fusion) patent for sale by client

Grizzly Analytics has a client that owns a US granted patent related to location positioning by inertial navigation (a.k.a. sensor fusion, dead reckoning).  This client is interested in selling or licensing this patent.

As everyone reading this knows, this area is becoming very hot because of its value in indoor location positioning. Inertial navigation is one of the technologies developed by WiFiSLAM, the company that Apple recently acquired, and is also one of the methods being researched by Google and slowly incorporated into Google Maps for Mobile. Inertial navigation has been part of several other big deployments of indoor location technology (e.g., here and here).

The client's patent has an effective date of May, 2001, which is 6-8 months earlier than other early patents on inertial navigation owned by Motorola and others.

Anyone interested in learning more about the patent that our client has, or interested in buying or licensing it, should contact us by e-mail at

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